Buckle your safety belts, make sure your seat back tray is in the upright position, and get ready for takeoff in this issue of Fast Forward, you’ve got a window seat to one of transportation’s most exciting industries, with opportunities for today’s generation that are sure to send you soaring. Check your bags and stick around!

Close-up of a female pilot in a cockpit, looking over her shoulder. The control panel can be seen.

Fast Forward Spotlight: Women in Aviation International

Interested in aviation? Here’s an amazing fact students need to know: Since the 1990s, the group Women in Aviation International (WAI) has awarded over 10 million dollars in college scholarships to young people pursuing careers in the aviation industry.

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A Flying Mavs Team Member checks out the cockpit of a small plane.

Flying High with the Flying Mavs

Imagine flying through the skies in a small, single-engine plane. The sun is shining, and the blue sky spreads all around you, sealing you in under a bowl of beautiful blue. Below you extends a long line of pavement: a landing strip.

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Collage image of students at ACE camp as well as an interior shot of a flight simulator.

Learning to Fly with South Dakota State University

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Of sitting in the cockpit of a plane, large or small, with the world stretching out beneath you? Would you like to make that dream a reality?

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Image of a plane descending onto a runway at sunset. The moon is rising in the background.

Let Your Ideas Soar

In middle school, Chris Oswald didn’t foresee a future in aviation, or even a transportation career in general. Back then, he was just one of those kids who had a knack for designing and building things.

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Collage image featuring the UAVs used by Edward McCormack and his team.

Why You Should Become a Transportation Researcher

Transportation researcher Edward McCormack is working on what could be one of the coolest projects ever. A Washington resident, McCormack is helping the State Department of Transportation (DOT) find a practical solution to a major transportation issue: avalanche control.

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Image of a plane flying towards the sunset.

Aviation 2.0

The U.S. air transportation system is getting a 21st century makeover, and now might be a more exciting time than ever to consider a career in aviation.“I think it’s an exciting time because aviation is changing,” said Pamela Whitley in an interview with Fast Forward.

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A plane comes in for a landing against the setting sun

Featured Careers - Aviation

There are lots of careers to choose from in Aviation. Here are just a few to get you started.

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Graphical image of a plane taking off. The text “Ten Neat Facts about Aviation” is worked into the image.

10 Neat Facts About Aviation

An average of 61,000 people are airborne over the United States during any given hour.

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Fast Forward: Volume 2: Issue 7 - Aviation