National Transportation Week

It’s National Transportation Week, and we’re celebrating with a Special Issue of Fast Forward! Check out these videos and articles featuring some of the nation’s top transportation students, cutting edge projects, and mind-blowing research that are sure to get you thinking about the amazing things you could achieve in a transportation career!

Highways stretch along the Seattle skyline at night.

National Transportation Week: Transportation in Focus

Transportation has been a major factor in the growth of the United States, continues as a key driver for U.S. economic growth, and provides a commuter system and access to recreation facilities that Americans have come to expect and enjoy.

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Screenshot of the Garrett A. Morgan Technology and Transportation Education Program Website.

STEM Education to Receive a Big Boost through Garrett Morgan Program

Teachers, students, and parents nationwide are gaining an invaluable STEM education resource with the public unveiling of the Garrett A. Morgan Technology and Transportation Education Program Clearinghouse in May 2016.

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Collage of modes of transportation, including highway, trucking, buses, ships, trains, and airplanes.

Let’s Celebrate Transportation!

Transportation is an industry often taken for granted. Moving goods and people is essential to our economy. It takes a lot of resources, a lot of people, and a lot of organizations to get that done.

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High-tech looking gears, lines, and elements overlaid over an image of heavy traffic.

On the Cutting Edge: SHRP2

Political candidates. Celebrity gossip. Criminal cases. The kind of fascinating stuff that usually makes news headlines and Twitter feeds. But have you ever heard of the federal transportation initiative that could prevent millions of roadway fatalities, help put the kibosh on traffic jams, make a huge dent in the greenhouse effect, and save billions in American taxpayer dollars?

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Timelapse image of a stoplight at an intersection. Light trails lead show where cars have been.

How to Change the World One Block at a Time

Imagine planning the street layout for an entire downtown in a big city. Or, redesigning the layout of a dangerous intersection to make it less prone to accidents. How about planning and building safe roads in a developing third-world county?

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Image of hands on a steering wheel. Traffic can be seen through the windshield.

Step into my (Human Factors) Laboratory

Were you ever fascinated by a psychology class? Are you interested in the way people think and behave? Or, have you ever wanted to design or invent things that people would use on a daily basis? If any of these questions apply, you might have a blast as a transportation human factors engineer.

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Image of an older suspension bridge at dusk. Lights shine on the bridge.

“Yeah…I Built That”

One of the coolest things about being a transportation engineer has got to be looking up at a towering, multi-million-dollar construction project and saying, “Yeah, I built that.”

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 Close up image of lines on a road angling towards the horizon.

Rethinking the Way We Repave

Asphalt! It’s gooey. It’s black. It’s one of America’s most common road paving materials. But it turns out that there’s more we all should know about asphalt than meets the eye.

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Image of men working concrete with rakes while one directs.

Winning the Fight against Global Warming

How is one university transportation engineering student with a knack for science trying to save the environment? And why are states like Texas reimagining the way we create highways and bridges? This story is about infrastructure. It’s a hot topic in transportation today—but it’ll become even more important in years to come.

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 Image of a set of digital gears overlaid onto an image of a man. His hand is reaching for the gears.

Career Spotlight: Transportation Engineering

Got an analytical mind? Like developing theories and solving problems? Then do yourself a favor and check out a career in transportation engineering. Transportation engineers use their minds and imaginations to solve problems and create life-changing innovations.

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Fast Forward: Volume 3: Issue 1 - National Transportation Week