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Buses and subways and trains, oh my! (Don’t forget bicycles!) The latest edition of Fast Forward has arrived. We’ve got the scoop on awesome transportation careers for the next generation. In this edition, we’re featuring an industry that takes some brains, a lot of heart, and a little courage. But it’s full of rewards for today’s career-seeking students! You don’t want to miss our Public and Active Transportation Career issue!

Businessman on a bike in traffic.

Bike and Pedestrian-Friendly Cities Provide Travel Options

Walking and bicycling can be a great way to get around. Take biking for example: it’s cheaper than driving, it’s good exercise, it’s non-polluting, and it’s fun, unless you live in a city that’s not bike friendly.

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Close up of a mobile phone with an open app.

Corinna Li: Why I Chose Transportation

Corinna Li is a dual master’s degree student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying transportation and city planning. She was also a recipient of the distinguished Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship, which is awarded to bright thinkers and future leaders in the transportation industry.

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A row of people sit at a bus stop.

Expect the Unexpected

When journalism student Velyjha Southern’s car broke down, it probably felt like the start of a bad day. Little did she know that this misfortune was the first step down a new path—one that would lead her to a new calling in life.

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 A woman focuses on a subway map.

Careers in Transportation Planning

Transportation planners like Julia Salinas and Jamie Carrington help manage the transportation systems of entire cities and ensure that it is safe, convenient, and affordable for people in their communities. In doing so, they get to work on a wide variety of different projects.

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A smiling woman looks out the window of a bus.

Get to Know the Federal Transit Administration

The United States Federal Transit Administration (FTA) is on the lookout for the next generation of career seekers to continue their mission of safety. Working for the FTA, you would do your part to keep public transit one of the safest ways to travel in the United States.

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Mother and son board a bus equipped for people with disabilities.

Helping People in Need: The Community Transportation Association of America

It’s easy to take transportation for granted, especially if you have access to a car or live in a city with public transit options. But for millions of Americans, getting to work, school, or even the doctor is a daily problem with no easy solution.

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A young female bus driver in her bus.

Careers in Public and Active Transportation

There are a lot of careers to choose from in public transportation. Here are just a few to get you started.

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Two businesswomen discuss plans while using a tablet.

Regional Planners Make a Big Impact

Earlier in this issue, we gave you the 411 on transportation careers in city planning. City planners manage a city’s transportation system. They ensure that people can travel from place to place conveniently and affordably. They do this while also thinking about big-picture goals. These goals might include making the city less congested or reducing transportation’s environmental footprint.

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Businesspeople carpool to work.

Shaping the Future of Transportation

Want to impact societal issues and change the world? According to experts, a transportation career is a great way to go. In the modern world, careers in the transportation industry are no longer just about getting people and goods from point A to B.

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A family bikes along a shaded trail.

Transportation Career Spotlight: Civil Engineering

In the transportation industry, civil engineers design and create the things that help the transportation system operate. A civil engineer might design and supervise the construction of roads, bridges, or highways. They might develop systems to improve the environment, like solar-powered traffic signals.

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Graphic of a bus with the words ‘10 neat facts about public transit’ worked into the image.

10 Neat Facts About Public Transit

Check out these awesome facts and figures about the public and active transportation! How many of them do you already know?

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Fast Forward: Volume 3 Issue 4 – Public & Active Transportation