Arden Boxer: Taking Action to Protect Communities

A road winds through the Badlands

When Arden Boxer wakes up each day and goes to work, she knows she’s doing her part to save lives. That’s why she told Fast Forward that she would probably continue working even if she won the lottery.

Arden works for the Northern Plains Tribal Technical Assistance Program (NPTTAP) and the United Tribes Technical College as a tribal safety circuit rider. Her position involves collaborating with tribal communities and leaders across the Midwest. She provides support and education to improve transportation safety on Native American tribal lands. She is also a safety advocate who works tirelessly to improve transportation in an effort to create safer, better communities.

Arden Boxer, Tribal Transportation Safety Circuit Rider.

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Arden’s job includes everything from educating teens about seatbelt use to teaching new mothers how to obtain and properly use car seats. Sometimes she provides technical assistance to policymakers on funding sources that could be used to improve the safety of tribal roads. On another day she might visit a school to give a presentation on the importance of safe driving. She may also help organize a public awareness campaign. She might even be attending a community rally to encourage safe driving.

In an interview with Fast Forward, Arden talked about a seat belt survey she was involved in recently. “We did that on one of the reservations in South Dakota this past spring. … I work for different programs like that where we get together and promote safety and seatbelt use. That’s a big thing. I really stress that because I’ve got grandchildren.”

Arden’s work is part of NPTTAP’s overall mission of assisting Native American tribal governments in meeting a variety of transportation needs. This could include training the current workforce to build and maintain roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure. Arden encourages students to see for themselves how they could make a positive difference by being a champion for transportation safety in their own communities. To learn more about her organization, its programs, and its mission, visit the NPTTAP Web site.

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Fast Forward: Volume 3 Issue 5 – Safety