Welcome to Fast Forward! Our Highway issue features exciting transportation careers for the next generation. Whether you’re a tech wiz, an environmentalist, a business-savvy people person, an artist, a natural-born scientist, a web expert, or the next Leonardo DaVinci, there is a high-paying, rewarding, never-the-same-old-day career waiting for you in the industry that keeps the world on the move. Get ready to Fast Forward—you’ve got an industry to explore.

A young boy plays with a toy airplane.

ASCE’s “Dream Big” Set to Inspire IMAX Audiences

Since the dawn of civilization, human beings have demonstrated that there is virtually no limit to our ingenuity and imagination.

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Aerial image of traffic in a roundabout.

Amazing People, Amazing Innovations

Dimitra Michalaka is the definition of a busy college transportation engineering professor. She teaches. She grades. She holds office hours. She attends faculty meetings. She oversees student research projects. She works on her own research projects.

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A group of businesspeople discuss plans in a meeting.

Beyond “Upper Level Management”

Have you ever thought about working for the federal government? Check out our video featuring the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) Angela Jacobs.

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A busy highway with lanes under construction. A box overlay contains the words 'Career Spotlight'.

Careers in Highway Transportation

There are lots of careers to choose from in highway transportation. Here are just a few to get you started.

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An Asian man in a hard hat examines an eroding roadway by a beach.

Civil Engineering: Build a Better America

You might not believe that someday you could be the person who designs or builds the roads and highways that millions of people use every day. College students Michael Bazie, Mario Rojas, and Janille Smith-Colin probably didn’t believe it either. Not at first. But talk to Michael, Mario, or Janille today, and they’ll tell you that there really are no limits to what you can accomplish.

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 Image of dense, bumper-to-bumper traffic on the highway.

Fighting Rush Hour

We all know what it’s like to get stuck in a traffic jam. But it’s hard to picture what it must feel like for a traffic engineer, like Philomena (Mena) Lockwood, an assistant state traffic engineer for the Virginia Department of Transportation. Her job involves keeping traffic flowing safely and efficiently over the states roads and highways.

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Abstract, time-lapse image of a tunnel of lights seen from the interior or a car.

On the Horizon

Transportation is embarking on a new and exciting era. Younger than 40? It is pretty safe to say that within your lifetime you will own a vehicle that can drive itself. Within the next 15 or 20 years you will likely make your first trip in a shared taxi with nobody in the driver’s seat. Within the next decade or so there will be connected vehicles all over the road: cars that can communicate with each other and with roadside devices.

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 Long-exposure image of a busy highway.

Steering Toward a Brighter Future

What will transportation look like in 20 years? Will self-driving cars replace traditional automobiles? Will more people carpool or use public transportation? Will we leave a healthier environment for the next generation? These are just a few of the questions that Donna Chen, assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, tries to answer on a daily basis.

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Image of a Deer Crossing warning sign alongside an open, empty road.

Transportation Career Spotlight: Environmental Science

In a fluorescent lit office in Richmond, Virginia, Bridget Donaldson is peering at a video monitor. Her colleague brings her a cup of coffee and she holds out one finger, as if to say keep quiet, though there’s no audio coming from the speakers.

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Image of a pair of wrecked cars from an accident.

Wanted: Problem Solvers

Back in high school, Jenny Guarino always enjoyed the challenge of math. When the problems got almost too tough, she studied harder. When she still couldn’t figure it out, she asked her teachers. And when she could have been fine with a B, she went for an A. Fast Forward to today, and Jenny is in a high-paying transportation career that’s saving lives.

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Ten Awesome Facts About Highways.

10 Awesome Facts About Highways

Check out these awesome facts and figures about the transportation industry! How many of them do you already know?

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Fast Forward: Volume 3: Issue 2 - Highway