Hometown Heroes, We are Public Works

Blueprints and a compass

If you’re interested in helping the community, or you want your future career to make a positive impact, consider what you could do in the public works industry.

From water management, to roads, to construction and city planning, public works professionals can choose from a number of different fields that help keep their communities running smoothly. They have a daily impact on the lives of thousands or even millions of everyday citizens by providing essential services that people couldn’t do without, like clean water, power, and smooth roads. And with so many different jobs to do, public works offers career opportunities for people with almost any interest or skill set. Like to work outdoors? Prefer an office setting? Are you a builder? A fixer? A decision-maker or planner? Prefer to work in business? These are only a few of the many sectors where people in cities and towns across the nation find stable, rewarding careers in public works.

image of a young woman sipping a drink while watching a video about careers available in Public Works

Click to view the video about careers in public works:

The American Public Works Association, or, APWA, is the ultimate first stop for students interested in learning more about public works careers. By visiting the APWA website, you can learn more about what public works professionals do, and the many different roles they can perform in their communities; plus you can get specific details on job descriptions, educational or skill requirements, and ways to begin planning a career path in the industry. Keeping up with a professional association like the APWA is one of the best ways to get in-the-know and start learning about different career possibilities. And once in college, students can join one of the APWA chapters in their local community to get connected with industry professionals, learn about skill-building workshops and conferences, and expand their careers from the ground up.

Visit the APWA website. Check out the WorkZone page, where you can view numerous public works job postings—a particularly beneficial way for students to learn more about specific industry careers and the kind of experience required. But first, check out the APWA video accompanying this article to find out what the industry is all about.

Aaron Mack
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