Featured Careers - Maritime

A captain sits with his hand on a joystick control. He uses this to guide the barge.

Barge Captain

Workers in water transportation occupations operate and maintain vessels that take cargo and people over water. These vessels travel to and from foreign ports across the ocean, to domestic ports along the coasts, across the Great Lakes, and along the country’s many inland waterways.

(avg salary: $48,980/yr)

A man in a hard hat studies a panel for errors.

Safety Technicians

Safety technicians collect data on the safety and health conditions of the workplace. Technicians work with occupational health and safety specialists in conducting tests and measuring hazards to help prevent harm to workers, property, the environment, and the general public.

(avg salary: $47,440/yr)

A man in a yellow safety vest and a hard hat holds a radio. Behind him are stacks of containers.

Dock Worker

Dock workers and other material moving machine operators typically use machinery to transport various objects around a warehouse or onto container ships.

(avg salary: $31,530/yr)

A woman in a hard hat holds a laptop and enters data with one hand. Behind her is a ship propeller.

Marine Engineer

Marine engineers design, build, and maintain ships from aircraft carriers to submarines, from sailboats to tankers. Marine engineers work on the mechanical systems, such as propulsion and steering.

(avg salary: $88,100/yr)

A red firefighter ship sprays water while a military ship looms in the background.

Marine Firefighter

Requirements for entry-level firefighters vary by jurisdiction. Firefighters need at least a high school diploma or the equivalent. They also may need to have completed postsecondary education in order to attain various certifications before being hired, such as the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)-Basic certification. Most firefighters also must pass a written and physical test and complete a series of interviews. Firefighters receive extensive training after being hired.

(avg salary: $45,250/yr)

A man in an orange jumpsuit smiles while holding a radio and checking the panel array of a ship.

Ship Engineer

Ship engineers supervise and coordinate activities of crew engaged in operating and maintaining engines, boilers, deck machinery, and electrical, sanitary, and refrigeration equipment aboard a ship.

(avg salary: $74,600/yr)

A drawbridge is open while a boat sails underneath. Control towers for the bridge are visible.

Bridge and Lock Tenders

Bridge and lock tenders operate and tend bridges, canal locks, and lighthouses to permit marine passage on inland waterways, near shores, and at danger points in waterway passages. They may also supervise such operations. Careers in this category includes drawbridge operators, lock operators and slip bridge operators.

(avg salary: $46,210/yr)