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A pipeline stretches out from the viewer. It’s sunset and there are mountains in the background.

Industry 411: What is Pipeline Transportation?

Whether you’re driving to school, cooking something for dinner, or just lounging in the air conditioning, you’re using energy. And that energy doesn’t just appear out of the blue.

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A collage image of people working on pipe, ranging from safety techs to engineers to scientists.

Transportation Pipeline Careers: Scientists Wanted

Interested in math and science? Read on. Then check out our video featuring Dave Mulligan, who turned his love of math and science into an amazing transportation career working for the Federal Government.

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Image of a young black man smiling. In the background is an oil drilling platform at sunset.

What it Takes to Work in the Pipeline Industry

Working in the oil, gas, and pipeline industry takes a sharp mind and a love for workplace challenges. If that’s something you’re looking for, consider a career as a petroleum engineer.

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A young woman against a blue background set in a circle. Behind that is a picture of a pipeline.

College Student Maria Podeta: Why I Became a Pipeline Engineer

Maria Podeta had the brains and the ambition to become a doctor—and that was the plan in high school.

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A person in a hazmat suit handles inspects two drums for leaks or damages.

Chevella Smith: Hazmat Investigator

Chevella Smith is a hazardous materials investigator for the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). If that sounds like a mix between a episode of CSI and science class…well, that’s not too far off.

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Map of the United States blocked off into the different Workforce Center regions.

Regional Workforce Development Centers Plan for the Future

All five of the Regional Transportation Workforce Centers have special areas of emphasis. These areas are going to be the Centers’ main focus over the next few years as they work to create a unique array of resources and contacts that can be used nationally.

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Students and their teacher study a wooden structure.

Learn More about Transportation with a Fun Summer Program

Transportation engineering is a gigantic field with tons of options for careers. So how do you choose one? You could try a summer program and explore your options! There are many excellent programs offered all across the country for students who are curious about transportation engineering.

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 A group of students gathered around a computer.

Get Involved with Exciting Summer Transportation Programs

Did you know that many schools and universities across the country offer summer programs in transportation engineering? These programs allow students to get some hands-on experience being a transportation engineer.

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A collage of images featuring students learning to code.

Not Your Typical “Summer School”

For middle and high school students in Georgia, a unique summer learning program is taking math and science class to a whole new level.

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A pipeline stretches before a mountain range.

Featured Careers - Pipeline

There are lots of careers to choose from in Pipeline. Here are just a few to get you started.

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Graphical image of the words Ten Awesome Facts About Pipeline.

Ten Awesome Facts about Pipeline

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