Learn More About Transportation with a Fun Summer Program

 Students and their teacher study a wooden structure.

Transportation engineering is a gigantic field with tons of options for careers. So how do you choose one? You could try a summer program and explore your options! There are many excellent programs offered all across the country for students who are curious about transportation engineering. One such program is Texas Southern University’s National Summer Transportation Institute.

Founded in 2001, the Houston National Summer Transportation Institute (HNSTI) has been running for more than 14 years. Held over a four-week period in the summer, the HNSTI gives students a chance to learn more about the many modes and career opportunities transportation offers. Students hear lectures from professionals and guest speakers, go on technical tours, and take part in hands-on activities. Sometimes transportation professionals, like pilots, will come and give a short lecture right before students dive into a hands-on activity, like using a flight simulator.

To learn more about the program, click the video below to see our interview with Khosro Godazi from Texas Southern University.

Screenshot image of video interview with Khosro Godazi.

Click a button to watch a interview with Khosro Godazi.

Erin Skoog
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