Get Involved with Exciting Summer Transportation Programs

Image of a group of students gathered around a computer.

Did you know that many schools and universities across the country offer summer programs in transportation engineering? These programs allow students to get some hands-on experience being a transportation engineer.

One of these amazing programs is the University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s Summer Transportation Institute. This program offers students the chance to study both land and water based transportation. In the process, they get to make bottle rockets, use a flight simulator, and make their own roads using cement. Students also go on several field trips to area museums and other transportation-related facilities.

To get a feel for what the program is like, Fast Forward spoke with Joseph Arumala. Arumala serves as the UMES Summer Transportation Institute’s director, at least when he's not teaching. We also spoke with several parents and students from the 2013 summer program. Watch the video below to hear more about what students in the 2013 Summer Transportation Institute program experience!

Screenshot image of video interview with Joseph Arumala.

Click a button to watch a interview with Joseph Arumala.

Erin Skoog
Fast Forward: Volume 2 Issue 4 – Pipeline