What It Takes to Work in the Pipeline Industry

Image of a young black man smiling. In the background is an oil drilling platform at sunset.

Working in the oil, gas, and pipeline industry takes a sharp mind and a love for workplace challenges. If that’s something you’re looking for, consider a career as a petroleum engineer.

To get more insight into the daily life of a petroleum engineer, we spoke to Ogemdi Isiguzo, a 2014 graduate of the Colorado School of Mines who now works as a petroleum engineer for Newfield Exploration Company. He didn’t plan to be an engineer, he says. He originally wanted to be a doctor. But after visiting his uncle’s surgery he discovered he couldn’t handle the sight of blood. Becoming a doctor was out. So he decided to follow his father’s footsteps and go into mechanical engineering instead. Isiguzo applied for the Colorado School of Mines and was accepted. Once he started attending the school he tried a lot of majors but none of them seemed to fit. Then he was selected for an internship with Halliburton. He found he enjoyed the internship and decided to major in petroleum engineering.

Here, he talks to Fast Forward about the path he took through school to become a petroleum engineer for Newfield Exploration Company.

Screenshot image of Ogemdi Isiguzo taken from our video interview.

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Erin Skoog
Fast Forward: Volume 2 Issue 4 – Pipeline