Bicyclists and Pedestrians “Count” too!

Image of a young woman against an abstract blue background bound by a half circle. A network of icons is behind her.

Sirisha Kothuri of Portland State University is on a mission to advance sensing technology to ensure that those who travel via bicycle or by foot are able to be counted as part of the traffic equation when doing transportation planning.

Technology to detect cars using sensors under the road or via video cameras at different intersections has been around for years. However, when it comes to people and cyclists, we are just beginning to create technology which can automatically “see” and “count” them too when studying traffic patterns.

Sirisha is passionate about public transportation and making a difference in the world. Creating and planning for communities which support and encourage people to walk and bike freely is an important part of encouraging individuals to live an active and healthy lifestyle. Watch Sirisha’s video to learn more and find out her advice for students today.

Screenshot image from video interview with Sirisha Kothuri, a student at Portland State University.

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Valerie Lefler
Fast Forward: Volume 2 Issue 3 – Public and Active Transportation