Planning for the Best: Enhancing Communities in Freight Corridors

An aerial photograph of a busy interstate.

Begin with the end in mind. This principle holds true especially when planning for freight distribution and operations in communities that include residential housing. Researchers at the University of Memphis, University of Toledo, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison set out to learn more about how communities and businesses can work together to create win-win opportunities.

The results of their research benefits both the private and public sectors. The private sector will be provided with a blueprint on how they use advanced transportation technologies to optimize business operations and reduce vehicle miles traveled. In addition, cities and counties will be presented with guidelines to be used in the planning process to ensure that livability issues are addressed in freight-centric corridors.

To learn more, check out the presentation on Examining Residential Perceptions and Priorities for Livable Communities:

Valerie Lefler
Fast Forward: Volume 2: Issue 2 - Trucking and Logistics