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Rick Blasgen has a message for today’s students: consider a career in supply chain management.

“There are so many different options for young people to consider in this career we call supply chain management,” he told Fast Forward. “Think about it. When you go to a store and you buy an item—a pair of shoes or whatever it is you’re buying—who forecasted that demand? Who decided where to place that product, and how did it get there? That’s technology, innovation, and a lot of things coming together within the supply chain to make that happen.”

Blasgen is President and CEO of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), an organization that for over 50 years has been dedicated to advancing the industry and providing support and education for people within the profession—including students who are just learning about the industry.

A tablet computer screen picturing a man, Rick Blasgen, who is President and CEO of CSCMP.

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“The goal is a noble one,” he told Fast Forward. “To advance the industry by connecting, educating, and developing supply chain professionals all over the world.”

The CSCMP website, Blasgen explained, provides a universe of resources for anyone looking to learn about or succeed in the supply chain management profession.

“If you visit,” he told Fast Forward, “you will find information on careers, you’ll find information on salaries. You’ll be connected to a global community of supply chain professionals who will help you along the way. … There’s information there for lifelong members.”

Blasgen explained that the diversity of career opportunities in supply chain management is one of the things that makes the industry especially appealing to today’s students—particularly, those who are interested in subjects like business and technology.

“There are an enormous amount of jobs that people don’t know exist that are very fascinating, utilizing the latest technology and data information and all kinds of different tools that are very exciting to employ.”

Blasgen discovered supply chain management on his own. Today, he wants to show students everywhere there’s opportunity awaiting them in the profession.

“I was a finance major when I graduated college, and it was a recession, and I ended up getting a job with Nabisco as an inventory analyst. As I grew and became more responsible for leadership positions I learned to love logistics and supply chain management. And the company did great things, utilizing it as a competitive weapon. And it launched a career before I even knew I was in one. So you never know where your careers might take you, but logistics and supply chain management is definitely a destination career you want to consider.”

Students who want to know more about supply chain management or the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals should check out Rick Blasgen’s video. You can also visit the CSCMP website at

Remember: if you like transportation, if you like business, check out supply chain management!

Aaron Mack
Fast Forward: Volume 2: Issue 2 - Trucking and Logistics