FHWA Regional Surface Transportation Workforce Development Centers

The Regional Surface Transportation Workforce Development Centers are one-stop shops for transportation workforce development. Each Center supplies the people, planning, resources, and coordination necessary to address priorities unique to its region. Together the Centers work as a coordinated, national network to achieve workforce-related objectives that impact the country as a whole.

Map of the United States blocked off into the different Workforce Center regions.


Montana State University
Director Steve Albert
(406) 994-6114
Focus Areas: rural transportation and safety; mobility and livability; tribes; federal lands

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California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)
Director Tom O’Brien
(562) 985-2875
Focus Areas: gateways/corridors; non-native English speakers; portability of skills; traffic management/intelligent transportation systems

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University of Madison-Wisconsin
Director Teresa M. Adams
(608) 263-3175
Focus Areas: infrastructure; construction; planning; inland waterways; sustainability/environment; STEM; stackable credentials

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University of Vermont
Director Glenn McRae
(802) 656-1317
Focus areas: disadvantaged youth; climate change; alternate fuels; community colleges

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The University of Memphis
Director Stephanie Ivey
(901) 678-3286
Focus areas: women in transportation; freight (trucking, rail, logistics); military/veteran transition to the workforce

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Videos from Workforce Development Summit at 2015 TRB

TRB Session - Q&A

An audience observes a panel as they answer questions.

How should these centers address immigration?

A close up of a panelist as he discusses the answer to a question.

Are there other practices from the world that the centers should look at as models?

A close up of a panelist as he begins answering a question.

How do we begin to change the perceptions of the value of having a job in transportation?

An audience observes a panel as several panelists answer a question.

Are community colleges significant in the training of your workforce?

TRB Session - Group Discussion

Three members of a panel sit before an audience and answers questions.

Describe the workforce of your organizations.

A close up of a panelist as he answers a question.

What are the workforce development efforts from pre-college to post employment?

A close up of a panelist speaking into a microphone as she answers a question.

What should be the roles of the workforce centers?

A group of panelists answering questions before an audience.

What should be the role of industry in the workforce centers?

A close up of a panelist as she answers a question.

What do you think about changing technology in transportation?

A close up of a panelist as he answers a question.

How do you feel about the role of certification in transportation?

A group of panelists discuss the answer to a question before an audience.

What would be a success from the regional workforce centers?